Central America Fishing Trips
Fishing for Sailfish and Blue Marlin in Central America



At this time there are plentiful extremely good sportfishing lodges in Central America ranging from Mexico in the North to Panama in the South. They all gain from strong, deep water currents that sweep along the Pacific coast and reaching as close in as 2 miles from the port of Quetzal in Guatemala. In addition to with the strong currents come great schools of baitfish followed closely by aggressive fish such as sailfish, Marlin and Dorado which feed almost constantly through out the year.

Some desired destinations are more prominent than others for particular species of fish. For instance Guatemala has emerged as world renowned for huge numbers of sailfish that may be raised each day. They currently hold the world record for having raised over 140 sailfish in one day on one boat. While there are as well good numbers of Marlin to be caught in Guatemala, definitely the best-known place in Central America for catching blue Marlin is Tropic Star lodge in Panama.

All of the sportfishing destinations benefit from exceptional fishing conditions and whether in the dry season which starts in October and perseveres through May. This is one of the major grounds why they have come to be the destinations of choice for anglers wanting to catch large numbers of billfish and also decamp from the frosty winters in North America and Europe (not to mention Canada !!). The lodges that accommodate these anglers are well-established and while they may not be grandiose, they do have impressive facilities and well-trained staff. Most importantly, the boats, crews and captains have become experts at raising billfish and making sure that the visiting anglers, whether they are experienced fly fishermen or novices at conventional bill fishing, complete their quest for landing a sailfish or blue Marlin during their stay.

Notably the sportfishing destinations have become simpler to get access to in recent years with much new infrastructure being produced and finalized in Central America. Guatemala has just completed a remodeling of the capital city Airport, with new terminal buildings, parking and a new runway under construction. Panama City being also a financial centre in Central America naturally has an excellent infrastructure with modern communications and transport systems. Anglers however wishing to access the blue Marlin fishing at the lodges such as Tropic Star have to leave this behind and take a small airplane transfer to the coast. In Guatemala after landing at the new and modern airport, transferred to the coast is via a four-lane highway and takes approximately an hour and a half.

Sandwiched between Guatemala and Panama is Costa Rica which is well known as and ecotourist destination and also for some excellent bill fishing on the Pacific coast. Transport to the fishing lodges of Costa Rica are usually accommodated also by small plane transfer as the intercoastal road system is still being modernized and so transferred by road can be a little nerve-racking and take quite a long time.

Exactly where you choose for your sport fishing trip in Central America, you will not be disappointed as the prolific bill fishing has become well known all along the Pacific coast and has become easily accessible for anglers worldwide. A typical fishing trip to Guatemala or Panama is for four nights and three days of offshore fishing, which is usually sufficient to provide an excellent experience and the opportunity for all of the anglers to bring multiple sailfish and possibly Marlin to the boat.

The busiest season at all of the lodges along the Pacific coast of Central America is January and February, although in recent years some of the best fishing and whether has actually been earlier and later in the season.


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