The Anglers Guide To Guatemala

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We know that Guatemala is not the most well known of fishing destinations - although that is quickly changing.

So that you may know what to expect, and hopefully have all of your questions answered before you depart (or commit to go !) - we are pleased to offer you a complementary copy of our eBook.

This is over 40 pages of useful tips, insights and the benefit of our fishing and living experience in Guatemala for the past 8 years.

Here are just a few of the Chapters that you will receive :  
Anglers (Survival) Guide to fishing and staying in Guatemala
Travelling to, from and in Guatemala
Money and Tipping
About Fishing in Guatemala
Fishing for Sailfish

Other Worthwhile Excursions in Guatemala
Accommodations and Hospitality
Safety on Land and Water
The GreatSailfishing Company
About Us
Sharing a Trip